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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 13, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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over a phone. right now starting off with the hot spot livermore and a mess of 580. >> these are live pictures from yoli showing cruise on top of the big red trying to get it wrapped up ready to be righted it happened at head of air way boulevard on 580 big red tip over dumping 20 t of fertilizer on the road that has blocked all but the far right lane. chp funneling everybody threw their. traffic, showing you what that has done to the drive times all the red on the sensors speeds less than 25 mi. an hour in front of the airway boulevard all the way back all the way to that to 05. if you're headed out that way in that direction use 580 use an extra hour to commute
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time because of this accident. let's bring in this live shot. i wanna talk to yoli she has been there half an hour watching the scene as it develops. >> they are trying to get this up right did they will try to duet with the sacks of fertilizers at tax catch to the bed appeared they will stop traffic when they tried to up ternate. people coming in expected to go slow but it will be stop and go as well. >> it looks like a dramatic crash any word on the driver? >> he seems to be okay according to chp he said he had a blowout he was in the far right lane and he bounced off of the side wall and they not across the four lanes on its side. >> was it just the big red?
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>> amazingly enough nobody else was involved only the big rig he was able to walk away. >> last check they were saying three hours is that still the sentiment out there? >> that's what they said now we have maybe two and a half hours according to chp it depends on how long it takes them to clean up the rest of the mess there are five stacks of fertilizer along the roadside they will bring out as we bring clean this up. >> that yoli live from the seen giving us the look from the ground as soon as we find out when they're making progress here we may refine the estimated time of opening. let's get the word on whether else. >> waiting for the warm-up to
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kick in warming up for the weekend he will be honored for the inland spots the fog expecting to hang out at the coast. golden gate weather out there at the fox washdown with the warmer air building in. what's happening outside temperatures mid-50s staying there until 7-8:00 before was the '60s inland spot fog trucker fog not getting over these days much as it did yesterday part of the reason we warm up. not as much inland for the north bay and the spade. by 10:00 qc the marine layer shrinks the inland spots get into sunshine as we advance towards noon time the bay clears so after three it rushes back againgñ tomorrow is more widespread today we start warming trend but there could be a hiccup tomorrow just for the bay and the coast may be a degree or to cooler before warm
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temperatures building. 67 oakland 77 san jose 35 degrees warmer than yesterday. taking a look at the 70 forecast microclimates going into full swing we start with the inland boxes 83 today 90s on sunday mid-90s monday low to mid 90's tuesday staying at or above 90 middle part of next week. afternoon sun for the coast and the baby during the degree cooler tomorrow then mid-70s on sunday. the coast will stay soft and maybe a break cosi tuesday and wednesday with a warm-up and to the '70s there if they're ready for the heat of mainly inland spots. >> are developing story out of antioch this morning police have shot and killed a burglary suspect. they were called to allow home at 2100 be straight
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about 1:00 this morning the suspect was inside both the antioch police and the burglar fired shots the suspect was killed and no police were injured police also used a dog trying to apprehend the suspect the dog was shot if he should be ok if.. >> the ongoing battle continues it was an emotional roller coaster yesterday as these couples were waiting to judge vaughn walker decided to lift the stay on his decision on same-sex marriage this was the reaction they thought they could get married on that day actually but judge walker extended this this day will be lifted august 18th. there has
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been an appeal for supporters. we will see what happens august 18th as this winds its way through the courts. 6 06 rainout we want to say what the mayor reaction was. >> we are making real progress and that's encouraging a lot of people have waited a lifetime we they can wait another week. waiting beyond that would be more difficult but the people understand it's a long process. we've come through plenty of beginnings of this is the next phase. eventually supreme court into year's worst case we will hold out for that landmark decision best case people will be able to live their lives. >> last night supporters of prop. 8 filed their appeal to stop the same-sex marriages well
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the court is considering a ruling that struck down crop eight. the supporters released a statement about the effect of yesterday's decision and in part is as strong that the voters passage this early in the legal process shows the court is determined to impose same-sex marriage on california whether we like it or not. we ask propagate supporters who were picketing in front of city hall what they thought >> i would hope for russian intervention to let loose to override his decision about this day and then decide the issue of the constitutionality of same- sex marriage. >> i'm glad he allowed some kind of appeal and he didn't money that muddy the waterwcj by havig marriages and them not knowing what to do when the people decide against >> stay with kron 4 for
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continued coverage the latest on our web site is well at kron if you can take part in our polls and leave comments during our discussion on line. >> oracle corp. has filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against google inc. oracle says google's android system for mobile phones infringes on its patented java technology. oracle makes database software and other technology. java is a computer programming language oracle acquired when it bought sun microsystems. java can be used as a platform for building applications for smart phones and other mobile devices. google says it can't comment because it hasn't reviewed the lawsuit. 6 08 a.m. when it will be back with more of a couple of minutes are big story the hot spot and a big mess in livermore the overturned. greg snarling traffic estimated clearing in two hours in the meantime the big mess.
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let's check market headlines of about 50 minutes before opening bell. the commerce department will be releasing a report on july retail sales labor department updates the consumer price index government reports on june business inventories. pay paul wants to make it easier to buy low-cost digital goods. the company says it plans to on fell product that helps collect micro payments. workers at the small pushes to unionized. executive say are doing what they have to to survive in this down the economy hewlett-packard says is cooperating with authorities as they investigate possible bribes both u.s. and german prosecutors are looking into the allegations 3 h-p
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executives used bribes to win contracts to sell computers. they have passed each be to hand over internal documents. to executives have resigned from the company following the scandal. the latest on the oil spill in may be possible be spew ruptured well may have already been sealed. results expected today on tests performed on last month's data kill where drilling mud and some men were forced down the top of the while the tests are checking pressure inside the well. officials will decide then whether for their work is necessary if so crews will drill relief wells to allow for bottom killed. it spewed u7fñmore than 200 million gal. f oil in the gulf. big story continuing to follow is are hot spot in the space this accident
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in livermore with an overturned a big red you can see how slow traffic is. you could tell even back in early 1999 when ebay... was a small company that meg-- meg knew what she was doing.
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we're back at 617 the latest on a hot spot rain down in east shanghai live pictures from westbound 580 the scene of an overturned a break. back on its wheels nell the last minute they were able to get that thing right it paul's of maneuver on the road. all over the road covering at least the left hand lane. it will take them awhile to get all that fertilizer picked up and moved out. you see traffic finally passed down to two lanes up to the point of the accident that everybody goes to one lane. because of that we have big delays for your drive
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times. traffic backups all the read meaning speeds a lower than 25 mi. an hour. it extends from the point of the accident. it continues all the way to the 205 to get from that interchange to dublin 105 minutes an hour 45 minutes or commute that would take you 30 minutes. if you can avoid 580 avoid it if you can't pack patience and time. three hours estimated time before they get everything cleared up and the commute back to normal but it will be awhile. the bay bridge was down 80 so far so good make your way towards a toll plaza no back up on the over cross loss check this ban was with sailing all lanes open in both directions. 618 let's
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get whether >> the bay area a few degrees warmer than yesterday he coming better looks inland spots in the '90s possible later in the week into next week. golden gate fog lower today being squashed backdown not spreading as far inland as larger weekend '80s inland '70s bay '60s coast bay enclosed in the same warmer inland spots mid-80s saturday starting to warm up on sunday low 90s mid-90s inland as we head into early next week. the fog right now on the bay area because the floor to the ground it's not spreading as far. moving into san jose right now some of fog creeping out into these bay hills and the livermore valley. fog starting to push up into the valleys the fog not as widespread so earlier clearing today. temperatures on for future cast 53 7:00 a.m. by
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noon the '70s will bit build six despite the bay. 4:00 this afternoon temperatures rain near 80 in napa, fairfield, livermore '70s ever world's 60s by the bay. uc san francisco and '50s by the beaches. by 8:00 p.m. tonight fog comes back again. highs today a few degrees warmer than yesterday. 73 san rafael, 81 santa rosa, mid-80s tomorrow 67 in oakland, 80 livermore valley, mid-60s to low '60's at the coast. giants padres coming into town. 715 is the game tempters in the '50s. 70 forecast mainly into the '90s
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monday is the warmest day but notice the bay warms up maybe 80 close to the '60s by the coast. the hottest temperature monday staying close to 90 degrees inland for the majority of next week. >> 621 right now city leaders are putting off a decision would ban the sale of small animals. if it happens in francisco would be the first in the country to do something like the spirit of packed cardboard from last night animal activists said shelters and rescues are overcrowded with pads that people bought on impulse and surrendered. >> this about what's best for the animals selling animals in san francisco will adoptable animals are being utilized in severance this bill is an embarrassment. >> pet store owners say they educate their customers about ownership and opponents of the
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ban say people will just by their pets >> elsewhere> a ban on sales one address the problem because there's nothing to change the consumer's behavior. san francisco residents will by animals they just have to go short distance to do so. >> animal control board has a lot to mull over they will decide anything till early next year. dublin are looking for two men who robbed a shell station over night and shot an employee with the stun gun. here's a description police looking for to people white males 20-25 years old both wearing white t- shirts placed black baseball caps. one is 5 ft. 9 the other one is 6 ft. with it than build. it happened around 1030 last night at the shell station in the 8000 block of san ramon road. 620 tool will be back with
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more of a couple of minutes don't forget that hot spot were falling on 580 near livermore that and taking a look at the whether don't forget about the warm up inland as well. you can see the clouds above on mount him. 
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629 the opening bell is winning on wall street appeared in 20 watching the numbers here. (cheering) we have lots of news that could weigh on the markets appeared we'll keep our eyes on that. the meantime the biggest doors affecting those people is this mess on the 580. >> absolutely. yet been following this story from 4:30 a.m. that is when the report was flawed and we have live pictures from the ground, where talking about west bound it is right in the middle of livermore and that is the seat of the big bird that overturned spilling 20 t of fertilizer on to the roadway. the workers are doing the hard work picking up each and every single day by hand and is trying to clear it up, we've seen some front end loaders brought it around their city as much as they can produce a decline in the background and that is when to be used to eventually halt all round the at bail to get back on to the wilson has been some progress and it's taking
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some time to get a fully worked out. she's the one hand in the camera here. let us bring up the road may maps we can surely the fact that we're dealing with because this year to go to the scene of the accident by airway boulevard look and all of the red, it stretches all of the way back and begin jury how far back it goes, right near the 2 05 interchange. was solidly red just a moment ago appeared piercing a bit of a breakup. what might be happening is folks are opting to take the ultimate task to try and bypass but the problem is that we will slide the bounce back over to the accident scene and i will explain why that is not good idea. all small passage dumps off right behind the accident scene. we're starting to see backups on the altamont as well as folks try and find another way around this, there's really no good way around it. if you do not have the on the for were not given some time the uncleared otherwise you'll have to add an
6:32 am
extra hour and a half potentially to your commute tomorrow. we're seeing drive times from the 2 05 into double from one hour to two hours of 50 minutes. the show takes 30 minutes. that is a senior following now will have more coming up in just a little bit we are also following the san the sale brigit which is wanna give you a good check that shows how it's checking appeared as little is yet there. you cannot see the high-rise too much but it's moving well and no delays, no slowdowns, no backdowns. but is it the word on whether now. its latest in a warm-up. will the close to the ground is the look from the mt. tam can't there's the marine they're pushing all of the way inland. the headlines here as to move into the weekend, not know whether have plans? ok. it is for the warm-up and especially sunday as the and into next week as the warm temperatures as clinton did in the event be held
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one of and it's like fog that will be hanging around at the coast. white we're in the fifties around the bay area watching fog tracker, ec for 7:00 sunday in the spots now lot of pro in the north appeared you saw this is triggered by 10:00 the fog is gone inland. it is little more today. by 3:00 the fog is at the coast and that they should clear by near the fog comes rushing back and i wanted to leave tomorrow morning. small may actually beat the degrees cooler along the bay and in the unless the bonds will be a warming trend. 64 did day in census scupper 70's in san jose 74 crosses a warming trend 83 to 885 tomorrow 90s on
6:34 am
sundays. you could see some mid- 90s in places like livermore session monday. it is going into 98 next week and with the fog it may search warm apple but monday and tuesday is the best chances of sunshine at the beaches. terry? >> think you mark. 634 with a developing story editor antioch were police have shot and killed a burglary suspect. where should you happen to this is a home on 2200 the street, it is 1:00 in the morning and the suspect was inside both the internet police and the burglars fired shots and a suspect was killed. no police were killed they are investigating the shooting may now kron4 news is will chant is live the escape and he just spoke with an individual that has information. >> read it and see that the into the police officers are still at the scene processing information they will be here all day and to be learned that an officer there
6:35 am
is a place of the descent into the home after they got a report of some eight in and occupied home. adults one man and two police officers also wet and they met the suspect every close to each other and basically the two officers and loaded on the suspect used across the country residents and he died as a result of the shooting. we're still try to find out how long these officers have been on the force. is no that's their veterans and we don't know if they are new or if they have fitted officer involved shooting in other cases. i can tell you that the dogs that were hit by the bullets from the suspect is expected to survive with not
6:36 am
treading injuries. barry? >> thank you a lot will. a 635 right now we're asking for the public health and police are asking for the public's help finding three male suspects, likely from san jose, who allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman in san francisco early saturday morning. the 25-year-old victim was standing at the corner of van ness avenue and california street around 3:30 a.m. when three men in a black four-door volkswagen hatchback-style car approached her. the victim agreed to ride with the suspects back to her hotel in the south of market district. the woman voluntarily got in the car with the three men. they were described as: "oscar," a hispanic male 18 to 25 years old, 5 feet 6 inches tall, "johnny," also a hispanic male, 5 feet 7 inches tall with a dark fade-like haircut, and another hispanic male, heavy set with dark wavy hair, about 21 or 22 years old. the three suspects told the victim they were from san jose.
6:37 am
uc-berkeley is dropping plans to release a genetic information to freshman. it's called for in your genes to cal came under fire by the officials because of rules prohibiting teen testing outside of medical settings. at the outset of of incoming students already sent in their samples voluntarily and centel's courts to collect about 1000 past to the general profile of the freshman class. the circle of put aside as to what because 60 7:00 a.m. san jose is looking good. we're looking at metering lights and as you can see the 11 northbound on the right-hand side is pretty well and the dollar is not doing too much at the gate in seven minutes into trading is up by five points. (music) export is the time and
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had taken with the approach of the bay bridge there's no metering lights no traffic. oakland and maoist 660 degrees will get a high of 67 degrees. gov. schwarzenegger will file an appeal at the whole of fighting and furloughs. schwarzenegger is a request to order the for los to help with this state deficit and with the absence of the state budget. in the meantime this it will go ahead with a plan to free furlough this month. gov. schwarzenegger will follow an appeal of those blows and we'll keep you posted on what happens. a 641 and led us to look at other news we're following. present backlog, is expected to sign and security bill today and it will put one dozen more agents, five under officers and equipment all but
6:42 am
u.s. border. the senate-passed measure jury special session yesterday appeared will be back with more in just a couple of minutes i will give me the latest on a hot spot that what people are driving on the east bay there was an accident in livermore of the 580 west that we have a live shot here will have the team coverage in just a minute.
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625 and a quick look at the top stories we're following. and yet police shoot and kill a burglary suspect overnight was at this, the 2100 the street area or call to a burglary the suspect was inside and there's an exchange of gunfire and the suspect was killed. supporters of california's prop. 8 which bans kate marriage has asked a federal appeals court to block the resumption of same sex marriage. it is said to resume next wednesday after they found the ban unconstitutional. echidna together today if the bp
6:46 am
well has been sealed possibly after pressure test pads are performed with this that kill with cement and mud that was forced on the wall. a point and says he could still turn out that the bottom kill which led to a permanent fix is actually no longer necessary so we will see. where >> also faulted the latest with the hot spot in the east bay one that we have been falling since 830 this morning. here is this seen the west bound set 80 you can see the trucks out there, this big rig the ec in the background that overturned. it is the sole vehicle accident was the only one involved an attempt all of the fertilizer into the roadway it has caused the closure of all but just want right lane. that is one of the traffic is currently making through the scene. it will take some time for them to clean this up looking anywhere between eight and 39:00 this more before they get billions cleared of of flowing freely. the address the
6:47 am
camera shot this is the situation as we see a hearing on the ground and it is also being followed with traffic maps. but it says that the road with sensor is all read all the way east out towards what was the all smallpox and even to the 2 out 8 interest change aids yeltsin know much about is red. it's what at least an hour and 15 minutes. it typically takes 01 half hour. you're now looking at some of bit of a commute so oh how patients ever going to stay on the steering gear up days of the scene changes and as things change on the scene. here's a live image of the camera showing you the northbound traffic those are the cars heading as the colosseum the traffic looks like it is doing fairly well there's no reports of a delays as you make
6:48 am
your way downtown oakland and ultimately the bay bridge of that is where you're headed. it is 6:47 a.m. with a credit check on the weather. >> yes things that women of james the fog is going to hang tough, it's been the story of the cold yeah bridge all summer. the fog is chopping down and he is just not wood to build a strong enough to kick the fog that may be into the middle of next week if at all. a little warmer today bailey was the real drama begins up on sunday will be hot inland especially in the first half of next week as temperatures climb into the '90s. it would take a look at the weekend when its mid-80s, it is starting to get to the '90s we're not getting much of one of thing should be pleasant into the mid-70s by sunday and as you watch the temperatures are in the '50s. as you afford what is going into the '70s but only in the lenders to buy up to 60s metal clad it 70's and it said
6:49 am
jose. by noon drill yet san francisco in the coastal the '50s. but today is still in the '50s why did come as well. by 4:00 he will see the highs. this is where the orange pop sen. 90 days, i excuse me, 80 degrees. and upper 70's around san jose and at 4:00 the fog-is it an even see the blue were the fog russia's said as temperatures cool in to the '50s. it's a high of 64 in san francisco at 70's yesterday inland. looking 80s little as up and improve the concord 83 and livermore 83. fog at the close at 63 degrees. as you watch the seven day forum as it is going to be a clear warming trend for the inland spot. any baseball games a year going tonight with the padre's it is at 715 with the fog will in mecca in. here's a seven day story. mid-90s and for the coast the fog will be quicker said is
6:50 am
a little bit of one appear the best day on the day might be 80 on monday with one temperatures and maybe some clearing at the close tuesday and wednesday. the area? >> the mark. the six of the end of world is we have the deadly mudslides there been reported in china this is video from yesterday with a rescue from the had been buried in mud. officials say 14 people were killed and another 20 people are missing. the death toll so far is more than the 1106 hundred missing even more rain is expected in the coming days. the rain is helping the matters in russia where were the 2000 fires are continuing to rage around moscow and 14,000 firefighters are battling fires. this note for the burning for rest has been smothered in this city and the wind in the rain has now cleared the sky. forecasters are cautioning that small could return once the wind changes
6:51 am
direction. a new report is taking a gram change after 80, a u.s.-based think-tank, haiti still has to contend with i'm qualified, but workers. janice searle wallace and a bad business, as they continue to rebuild following the devastating jury the third earthquake. they also say not much trouble has been cleared and the product is low. a 61 and we'll do that with just a more in a few minutes. want to play about a programming change. we have a programming change this friday, the giants game 8:00 p.m. it will be followed up 10:00 p.m. wwe smackdown will move to saturday at 7:00 p.m. and dr.phil can be seen friday at 3:00 p.m. we will be right back.
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64 a.m. and a look at the traffic here in livermore. it is 2 hour delay for commuters tried to get to tracy to dublin
6:55 am
because of the accident on 580, look at all of the cars and the big red sox just caught up in this mess. but when he posted on this it is a developing story for sure. in the last five minutes we just got worse delays in the sfo going off to 15 minutes of arrival/departure delays because of the fog. they're running on time at the oakland airport. but the stock is not doing too much. boris washing share is apologizing after saying the enlarged several times live on the air. she was talking to a caller on her website she was apologizing for say the n word more than once because she's trying to make a philosophical point and she should not have done it. dr. laura links the caller was hypersensitive for complaining about racist comments from has been spent. if she did not have
6:56 am
a sense of humor she should not have varied as head of her race. you might think of pastry it as a source for taurus but stanley roberts still as those that might be a place of people behaving badly.. >> watch these six men and blocking up crosswalk in san francisco. also that some people approach they just stand there. if you want to experience people behaving badly. in real life might i suggest you pay attention to the streets in san francisco. the entire street is a tourist attraction in more ways than one. what i mean by that, is eight st. is attracting more than two or is it is attracting panhandlers from around the nation. a lot of them! i walked from the street to hasty and what i notice why is there is a lot of rebate you're going on by some of the people begging for money. some are making racist, sexist and all our comments to men, women
6:57 am
and children. this officer is pouring the rich as he is riding high ticket for having an open up all collect container in public. they believe they can do whatever they want but i cannot recorded. this man just brought up a 20 an ounce of beer and he told us it's his choice of hope. there's a lot of alcohol drinking here. >> $1, $1. your recording me to? that is $1. and >> according to the san francisco police they have a problem with public urination and drug use on haight street. a lot of the shop owners would like i knew lot called this set by law that would have them out of this area. if the civil by lot passes it will not read a difference. will this have to wait and see. in san francisco i'm stanley roberts with kron4 news. >> so the seven we'll be right back.
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